Learning from Alex Jones: Prepping for Media

Alex Jones, a passionate radio host in support of gun carrying rights, recently paid a visit to the Pier Morgan show after condemning the British host for his anti-gun stance.No matter how you personally feel about gun control in the United States, Jones’ meltdown certainly did not help him to deliver his message to those that could possibly be swayed. This clip reminded me that even the most versed forget that interaction with the media is a business move that should be carefully evaluated, discussed and planned. SMB owners and key players that suddenly get thrown into the press spot light often stammer and lose focus of their agenda. 

What we learned from Alex Jones:

Don’t melt down! Easier said than done, we know. But in order to deliver your message, your audience has to hear it. Calm pointed responses that are both clear and concise. Shouting, as in Jones’ case, comes off high pitched (yikes) and garbled. So practice with a coach to answer those tough to answer questions. Reporters aren’t paid to be nice so imagine your worst enemy asking them.

For extra points, answer test questions while someone is:

  • Trying to pop your collar – to mimic a microphone failure
  • Move your chair – to mimic changing of cameras
  • Throwing a tennis ball at you – well, this just helps to keep your focus

Take that piece of paper out of your hands! Sure Jones is trying to make a point and show statistics, but no one can actually read them. Waving them around like a banshee doesn’t make them true; it just makes you look unprofessional and ill-prepared. Now the audience is completely focused on the rolled up piece of paper rather than the conversation. Punctuating your sentences with punches in the air, even if you do want to punch the host, is not delivering your message. Keep those hands down and body leaning back to stay looking relaxed.

As always, when in doubt hire a pro; it’s a press consultant’s job to ensure every opportunity turns into a win.