Utilizing Salesforce for All My Email Marketing Needs...for Now

For any sales-heavy organization, the Salesforce investment is an easy one. For most of our clients, we recommend augmenting that with a robust mass email marketing platform. It can be a standard service, like Vertical Response, Exact Target or iContact or something more heavy duty like HubSpot or Genuis that includes lead intelligence and web analytics.

However, considering the budget limitations of many businesses, there are two times when we highly recommend utilizing the Salesforce mass email marketing tools temporarily.

  1. Your organization has minimal email marketing history. Either you are a startup or you are an old school business that is just starting to expand into marketing efforts (trust us, there are more of those than you can imagine).  You won’t miss what you don’t know, so start off with the basics and move up from there.  
  2. You are still shopping around for an email marketing platform and do not anticipate having the time to conduct in-depth analytics for the first few months. Choosing a platform should take considerable time, weighing on your analytics needs, total record count and frequency of sends. If you do need to send out that holiday eblast pronto, there is no need to rush your decision making, just rely on Salesforce until you are ready.

Salesforce makes it so easy to segment your contacts and add to campaigns. You’ll still be able to track opens, time opened and unsubscribes as long as an html email is sent. Choose this option when you first create the email template. This can be a mass email or single individual email with the following limitations:

  • 250 emails per send for Professional Edition; 500 emails for Enterprise Edition; 1,000 for Unlimited Edition. This is limited to a total send of 1,000 emails per day.
  • You cannot track email results when an email is sent via a trigger on a time-based workflow. While this is on Salesforce’s radar as an important feature, it does not look like they will be releasing the product anytime soon. 

While utilizing the Salesforce email platform allows you to maximize your investment, it does not replace the essential tracking tools and analytics needed to craft a results-driven email marketing campagin. Consider it a time to grow into your marketing strategy.