Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile and Keep it Connected to Your CRM

Nothing beats in-person networking, but after a 2-hour cocktail hour pitching your wares, you realize quickly that growing your business is a two-pronged approach. Which is where LinkedIn comes in. Everyone is ON LinkedIn, but chances are you aren't maximizing your usage. Take it to the next level with a few of our basic profile tips and how to keep that connection to your CRM. 

1. Maximize Your Personal Info: Include a clear, high-resolution headshot. If you have a point and shoot camera, consider taking a photo outside for better lighting. A photo will help clients and other contacts to connect back and it validates your profile. 

2. Create Anchor Text for Links: Customize your websites in your profile. Instead of listing the website as “personal” or “company” choose the dropdown “other:” This will allow you to customize the text that is shown.  Use keywords here to describe your website. 

3. General Profile Enhancements:

▪   Include keywords in your personal headline. Be descriptive here – don’t just list your official job title. Consider including your expertise and technical skills.

▪   Include keywords within skills section. To search skills from the entire LinkedIn database and to find the more popular skills trends, go to More --> Skills--> Search. After matches are made, automatically add them to your profile. You can add up to 50 different named skills, which will increase your profile’s SEO. 

4. Create a Custom LinkedIn URL: What's with that funky www.linkedin.com/pub/3894702 URL? Consider using keywords and your name in your custom URL. Just click on "edit" in your public profile and choose to "customize your public profile URL" on the right sidebar. 

5. Integrate with Your CRM:

A. Finally, don't forget to tie it all into Salesforce by turning on "social" in your Salesforce org (free!). You can do this easily by visiting Setup--> Customize --> Social Accounts and Contacts. You'll notice that this feature only allows for 'live' access to the social media info. It will not download or store the information in your Salesforce org. This means if "John Smith" is your social contact and you are able to view his work history, this information cannot be automatically shared or seen by any other users in your org. However, it's very useful for adding tidbits (copy/paste) into the record directly. Also, consider integrating LinkedIn for Salesforce (cost involved). It's a nice application if you conduct the majority of your business within LinkedIn. Otherwise, stick with the free version.

B. And I haven't forgotten about Zoho. In fact, Zoho's integration is easy, free and automatically enabled. You'll just need to authenticate your LinkedIn credentials by clicking on the LinkedIn icon under any contact or lead record. After you connect, you'll be able to 'associate' each Zoho record with a LinkedIn one.