Our Favorite Salesforce App for 2016: Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Survey development and integration for Salesforce has always been about the low cost players like Survey Monkey or Survey Force and the high cost leaders like ClickTools. When we started implementing Get Feedback for clients, my team was pleasantly surprised by the ease of data integration into Salesforce objects, even custom ones, and the ability for mobile view. We had tangled with the complexity of other survey platforms in the past and were less than pleased about the outcome - especially the inability for the client to easily update content and still maintain a full connection to Salesforce.

The Email Platform Landscape: Focus on Exact Target

Exact Target Marketing Cloud“What’s the best email marketing provider for Salesforce?” It’s a question that tops LinkedIn forums and Success Community boards every month. There is no perfect solution for all companies; individual needs and usage drive compatibility. But recent developments have propelled Exact Target to the forefront. Here we’ll take a look at Exact Target and its role within the Salesforce universe.  

Salesforce email marketing providers can be broken down into three major groups: budget, mid-range and automation. Budget includes all within the Mail Chimp and Campaigner realm - cheap and you get what you pay for. Mid-range can vary quite a bit on performance and price. 

Cautious Steps for SMBs During the Games

It’s the season of the Olympic games! For any small business, especially restaurant and retail, it’s a tempting time to go promo-crazy and start hosting “Yogi Summer Games” or the “Knitting Olympics”. Case in point, the recent brouhaha over Ravely’s use of the word “Olympics”. For any small business, staying in the know can mean the difference between a great campaign and a lawsuit.  

A few guidelines to consider:

Utilizing Salesforce for All My Email Marketing Needs...for Now

For any sales-heavy organization, the Salesforce investment is an easy one. For most of our clients, we recommend augmenting that with a robust mass email marketing platform. It can be a standard service, like Vertical Response, Exact Target or iContact or something more heavy duty like HubSpot or Genuis that includes lead intelligence and web analytics.

However, considering the budget limitations of many businesses, there are two times when we highly recommend utilizing the Salesforce mass email marketing tools temporarily.

Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile and Keep it Connected to Your CRM

Nothing beats in-person networking, but after a 2-hour cocktail hour pitching your wares, you realize quickly that growing your business is a two-pronged approach. Which is where LinkedIn comes in. Everyone is ON LinkedIn, but chances are you aren't maximizing your usage. Take it to the next level with a few of our basic profile tips and how to keep that connection to your CRM.